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  • Training The Axle Press

    Training The Axle Press

    The Axle Press is an odd event and a challenging one that has a colorful and often misunderstood history. The origins of the event stem from early stories about an implement referred to as the Apollon’s Wheel, a set of 26 inch diameter railway car wheels attached to an axle that was 49mm thick weighing

  • 2016 Victoria’s Strongest Man & Woman

    2016 Victoria’s Strongest Man & Woman

      Victoria’s Strongest Man & Woman will be held at Iron Revolution on the 8th of January 2017 This is the last chance for Victorian competitors to qualify for the 2017 Arnold Classic Australia Strongman Championships in March 2017 Full update to be released on the 1st of October 2016

  • Training For Carry Events

    Training For Carry Events

    Carrying a heavy cross in your arms while it crushes your ribcage, bashes into your legs, makes you see stars and ponder the meaning of life may not sound like everybodies cup of tea but lucky for most strongman competitors, we are not everybody and this is no tea party!   Meet Barry. This is

  • Have Some Gears When You Train

    Have Some Gears When You Train

    Far too often I see lifters who rant and rage at every set of every workout from their warm up to their working set, hell I even used to be one of these guys. These individuals have one common trait to them; for the most part they shit the bed when it counts most. They

  • Training the Axle Deadlift

    Training the Axle Deadlift

      Hated by many and well, hated by most actually….. That pretty much sums up the 18” axle deadlift in the eyes of most strongman competitors. Often in the world of strongman events are created with a couple of guidelines in mind. Firstly the visual effect. Strongman events need to look heavy and impressive. You